Transformative Action InstituteEnabling teachers & students to gain confidence and purpose through immersive curriculum

The Transformative Action Institute (TAI) has been pioneering participatory and mission-based education for over 12 years.

As the Director of Strategic Initiatives (part-time), I run workshops & build toolkits for the next generation of social entrepreneurs, innovators & changemakers. We work alongside students, educators & philanthropists to transform systems & create positive change on a global scale.

Here are some of the latest tools I’ve designed for TAI:

Strategist, Designer, Workshop Facilitator

Print Design

The Teacher's Manual: TAI has over 600 pages of content to help teachers and facilitators produce transformative experiences in their classrooms and workshops. As both the potential audience and content areas of this manual continue to expand, TAI tasked me with re-envisioning the product in a way that made finding relevant materials exciting, joyful, and intuitive to the user. Here is the result:

21st Century Skills Challenge Cards: These cards were designed to inform and engage conference attendees in TAI’s 21st Century Skills curriculum. Scott Sherman, the founder of TAI, has identified nine skills that are essential to navigating the new era of work.

Workshop Facilitation

I also facilitate 4+ hour workshops on behalf of the Transformative Action Institute at various universities, conferences, and leadership training programs. Using extensively researched methods, participants learn to integrate the principles of Transformative Action, deep connection, and creativity into their work in order build a foundation for lasting impact.

Photo by Byron Go

Photo by Byron Go

Photo by Byron Go

Photo courtesy of StartingBloc