University of PennsylvaniaDesigning an intensive 8-month online & in-person program for emerging impact leaders

During my tenure at the University of Pennsylvania, I have supported and led the development of several online, in-person, and hybrid learning programs. One notable program is the Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy, which annually brings together 120+ impact leaders for an 8-month intensive online and in-person experience. Learners' assignments are all applied to their respective projects and graduates received a certificate from the University of Pennsylvania.

In addition to helping create and expand the program since its inception, I also oversee the instructional design and marketing. Here are some collateral that I have produced for the program to date.

Creative Director, Strategist
Strategy, Print Design, Instructional Design

Print, Video, and Web

Program Viewbook: I designed a brochure to accurate illustrate the value and innovative nature of the program. View the full viewbook here.

Facebook Video Advertisement: I animated a 28 second typographic video showcasing the program.

28 Second Facebook Video Ad Teaser

Banner Advertisements: Given the program’s novelty, the client required a marketing campaign that spanned across several mediums, including banner ads.

Instructional Design
Videography and Workbooks

Video Courses: I redesigned and edited 150+ video courses alongside their corresponding slides. I wanted to create a simple and inviting visual experience, given the rigorous amount of content the student was expected to digest online over the course of 8 months online.

Here is a sample video showcasing the online learning experience:

Staff Introduction Video: I produce and edit a video introducing program students to the core staff. Having done this for three years, I have found that it catalyzes online community building and humanizes online interactions, allowing the program to ultimately be more meaningful and personalized for students.

Workbook: Working closely with professors and facilitators, I designed a 48-page workbook to support the various workshops during the program's in-person training at the University of Pennsylvania.

In-Person Experience
Event Production & Workshop Facilitation