Wall of LoveLeading a viral campaign to prove there is more good than bad in the world

Immediately following the Sandy Hook shootings, I created a campaign called “Wall of Love” to prove to the children of Newtown, CT that there was more good than bad in the world. Originally intended to solicit messages of love from my circle of friends, the campaign quickly went viral, garnering several hundred submissions from over 70 countries.


From Friends

The children of Sandy Hook were met with violence and terror too early in the lives. I felt limited with what I could do, as an entry-level consultant at IBM stuck in a cubicle, so I created a tumblr website called “Wall of Love” and asked friends to hand-write messages of love and post them on the site.

From New York City

Given the rate of submissions, it became evident that there was a need for a public platform where individuals can express their support and cultivate humanity in the face of something so inhumane. A group of close friends and I began gathering hand written messages from NYC residents and tourists, adding them to the website in real-time.


From the World

By the end of the day, news of the Wall of Love campaign had spread. Several prominent news organizations had listed the website as one of top five ways to help Sandy Hook victims, including Huffington Post, Mashable, Ryan Seacrest, and HLN.

Over the next week, walloflove.org received hundreds of submissions from over 70 countries. The website received well over 14,000 unique visitors from 122 countries within the month, some of whom were confirmed to be residents of Newtown, CT.

The collage is growing like a rolling snowball, each image flowing from the one before it, into the next. Take a look at the site and give yourself a chance to cry, smile and restore a little bit of faith.