ScrapbookPassion projects galore

Below are various projects, mostly personal, that have occupied my time when I wasn’t working, eating, binging rom-coms, or in downward dog.

Testing DJI Mavic’s Superpowers

A friend and I were on site at the stunning Magnific Rock in Nicaragua. And we happened to have a drone…


A Mattress Carpet Ride

My friends and I get crazy ideas all the time; every now and then, we actually act on those crazy ideas. Here’s such an instance.


Big Canyon, Little Camera

I’m a hiker, so I usually don’t like carrying too much gear. On a recent trip to the Grand Canyon, I opted to document the trip using only my iPhone.


A NC Minute

My other hobby is dissecting airline pricing models and snagging as many flight deals as possible, many of which are quick weekend excursions. In this video, I wanted to document a weekend trip to the Central Carolina Fair in exactly a minute’s time, capturing how rich a short trip can be.


Our Hands

I’m obsessed with how good design and multimedia can not only celebrate communities, but also cultivate them. I began exploring how to do this in high school and during my undergraduate years. My alma mater became my sandbox, and I began designing media that would showcase the robust community while also inviting others to join.

The following video is a short film I made about hands and how they build community.


I am ___. I am W&M.

My role as Student Body President at William & Mary afforded me many opportunities to design and implement campaigns for the larger campus community.

I wanted to create a tactile representation of the campus community that illustrated both its diversity and unity. I asked students, faculty, and staff to fill in the blank to “I am ____, I am W&M”. I received over 11,500 words, 5,000 of which were unique words or phrases. Every submission was incorporated into the following design in an attempt to visualize all that comes together to create William & Mary. The initiative was extremely well-received by the community, as over 1,500 shirts with the collective design were sold that year.


I put the submissions into an interactive word cloud, allowing viewers to explore and make discoveries about the campus community.