Center for Social Impact StrategyCreating an action-research center that supports anyone, anywhere in making a greater impact

As a Founding Member and Creative Director for University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Social Impact Strategy (CSIS) since it’s inception in 2016, I have been responsible for all instructional design, experience design, and new product development. The Center’s reach is vast, with its Coursera course bringing in 45,000 learners alone.

In addition to supporting program innovation, I also designed a visual identity for the Center that would translate across several mediums and be universally approachable, given the global audience.

Founding Member, Creative Director, Strategist
University of Pennsylvania
Branding, Print Design, Web Design, Facilitation

Building a Visual Ecosystem

I designed several creative assets in conjunction with building out the Center's new brand and visual identity. The assets were designed to work in concert with one another, while also evoking the value-driven CSIS brand as individual elements.

The Center’s business cards paired the brand’s vibrant color palette with its values. Every employee’s business cards include all nine values.

The Center’s Values Video was written & produced within 24 hours. The script was written during a facilitated team “values jam”, after which I customized templates in After Effects to create the final video.

Videography & Photography

I also oversee all storytelling efforts at the Center. I have interviewed, art-directed, shot, and edited video for the Center. Many of the Center’s videos require candid testimonials from participants. I create comprehensive semi-structured interview guides, informed by my background in ethnography, to draw authentic responses and ensure alignment with the overall purpose of the video.


The Center gathered 24 of the most promising social entrepreneurs from across the globe in Vieques, Puerto Rico during the inaugural Global Social Impact House. I was tasked with documenting both the experience and the participants' stories.

Web Design

During my tenure, I was also responsible for the design and development of the Center’s new website. Given the global audience and variety of non-traditional educational programming, I helped manage the selection, hiring, and partnership with a wonderful creative agency ( Together, we went through a comprehensive discovery phase, followed by the wire-framing and design of the new website.


The website was designed to highlight the Center's alumni through searchable and editable "alumni profiles". Custom HTML emails were also designed in conjunction with the website launch to encourage alumni to engage with the website and create a profile.